Fruit Tea Mocktails

Iced Fruit Tea Mocktails

Fruit Tea MocktailsHere is a recipe for a festive, sweet mocktail. This one was dreamed up because part of my recovery plan is drinking lots and lots of warm water. So I sipped and sipped and sipped. Water can be boring after a while, if that is all you are drinking, and so I pulled out a few tea bags, made some sun tea, and then added lemonade for a touch of sweet and sour, and seltzer for some bubbles. Here’s how to do it: put one or two tea bags in a tall glass and set it out in the sun. After an hour or so, remove the tea bag, divide the tea between two ice-filled glasses, top with lemonade and a splash of seltzer and garnish with some pretty berries or lemon. I believe these taste better when served in a fancy glass. Either way, it feels good to sip it slowly when you’re in the sun. These mocktails make for a great post-gardening afternoon elixir or pre-dinner cocktail hour. You could make them more grown up by topping with Champagne instead of seltzer.


Iced Fruit Tea Mocktails
Serves 2

1 fruit tea bag (raspberry, peach, passion fruit, etc.)
1 lemon seltzer
Garnishes (lemon, berries, etc)

Add the tea bag to a tall glass of water, cover and set in the sun for an hour or so. Remove the tea bag. Fill two glasses with ice and divide the tea between them. Top with lemonade and then seltzer. Garnish with berries or lemon and serve.

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