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Super Green Lentil Salad

Super Green Lentil Salad

This recipe is part of my April TU story. Read the whole thing here. I particularly love how one vegetable can be the spokesperson for an entire season and asparagus is certainly the one who speaks for spring. The stalks, sauteed briefly in a bit of hot oil, turn bright […]

Caroline Barrett, Mother's Day story

Celebrating Mom with Food and Time Together

Here’s my Times Union story for April. It goes along with recipes for Super Green Lentil Salad, Asian Chicken Salad with Herbs and Crunchy Noodles and Chai Spice Vanilla Pudding. ‘Tis the season, isn’t it, for all things Mother? Mother’s Day is soon upon us and in the spirit of […]

Recipes for Crepes with Nutella and fruit

Stacked Crepes with Nutella and Fruit

This is part of my March 2022 TU story. Read it all here. Would it be strange to pack a crepe pan among the twin sheets and towels bound for the dorm? I have never known a child or adult to not adore crepes, and knowing how to make them […]

Our Favorite Salad

Our Favorite Salad, with Homemade Croutons

This recipe goes along with my March 2022 TU story. Read it here. This salad is super simple and there’s no better way to name it than simply Our Favorite Salad, because that’s what it is. I’ve made this salad hundreds of times over the years, for quick weeknight dinners, […]

Recipes for Crepes with Nutella and fruit

The Journey Begins: Elliot is Going to College

Here’s my Times Union story for March. You can see it on the TU website here, or read below. It goes along with recipes for Greek Spinach Pizza, Our Favorite Salad and Crepes with Nutella and Fruit. There was joy in receiving the letter, of course. For Elliot, it was […]

Caroline Barrett Cocoa Spice Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Traditions, and the Foods to Match

Here’s my Times Union column for November. Read it here, or see below. The recipes to go along with it are Cocoa Spice Pumpkin Pie, Smoky Sweet Potato Soup and Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Crispy Capers. Thanksgiving, we know, is a holiday made of food and family and doing […]